[NILS Korea] 일본 후쿠오카 어학연수

NILS Scholarship Program

For Prospective Students

Prospective Students who habe passed :
  • the JLPT N4 will receive a US $500 discount in tuition.
  • the JLPT N3 will receive a US $1,000 discount in tuition.
  • the JLPT N1 or N2 will receive a US $1,500 discount in tuition.

* If you wish to apply for this scholarship program, please submit JLPT certificate issued with in 5 years.

* You cannot use the discount campaign with this scholarship program at the same time.

For Existing Students

Applicants who satisfy the following requirements will receive a scholarship of 50,000 yen from NILS.

Who are eligible?

All students who are enrolled in 18-month or 24-month courses.

Duration of the scholarship program

Eligibility is reviewed every semester.


  1. Applicants must have a 100% attendance record during the assessment period.
  2. During the assessment period, applicants must achieve above 90% on all tests.
  3. Applicants must abide by all Japanese laws and NILS regulations.
  4. Tuition, dormitory fees, and utilities must be paid in full
  5. Applicants must exhibit respectful behavior outside of the school; i.e., no complaints from neighbors, etc.

When will you receive the scholarship payment?

At the end of every April and October.

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